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  1. Dr. Michael E. Portman says:

    Very nice sampling of talks. They do not cover GAD, in particular. I am an expert on anxiety/worry and well published in the field. Once my second book on generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) by Oxford Press is published I would be most honored to give a lecture and join your already distinguished group of presenters…Thanks…

  2. MCB says:

    Great talks. I’ve found these talks to be beneficial. However, there is limited discussion regarding how to deal with anxiety when what is perceived is a real likelihood (yes I watched the videos and I’m not allowing for “anxiety speak”). I work as a nurse in an emergency department that sees a high volume of psych patients who can and have been verbally and physically aggressive to employees. I have been the victim of two unprovoked workplace assaults. I have increased workplace anxiety due to these attacks. Given the amount of people who work in an environment where workplace violence has occurred (nurses, police, firemen, corrections officer, etc.), what can you offer as advice/community support for workplace anxiety related to violence? This more so trickles into PTSD, but obviously has anxiety as a contributor to an ongoing state of mind. As you can imagine, being afraid of people and relearning to trust others is a very dynamic journey. As a pre mortem, martial arts and reading Crucial Conversations are great to inspire confidence in order to diminish anxiety, but it doesn’t remedy the real world where a confluence of external, nearly uncontrollable factors collide (poor security, lack of oversight, drug use and abuse, varying emotional states). I can control my response to a situation, but when that response has to be “run, hide, fight”, anxiety is probably beneficial for a safe outcome, yet still highly undesirable. Thank you for the work you all do.

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