The Worst Anxiety Doctor: The Small Town Physician Who (Almost) Broke My Spirit

“Listen,” he said, annoyed now. “You’re always going to have this problem. So, basically, you can take this medication or not. It’s up to you.”

I went home that day completely dejected.

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“Sacred Objects”

Sacred Objects are the physical items, tools, and gadgets we can sometimes lean on to combat anxiety.

"Sacred Objects" is a tongue-in-cheek phrase. Sacred Objects have no special anti-anxiety properties. They are not talismans. They are simply tools consider as additions to your anti-anxiety toolkit.

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A Mind of Winter

A Mind of Winter is My Anti-Anxiety Mantra

"For the listener, who listens in the snow... and beholds nothing that is not there, and the nothing that is."

The coldest winters are full of beauty -- not hidden, but glittering on every tree.

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Music For Anxiety

Music For Anxiety | 30+ Albums and Playlists For Anxiety Relief Music is a powerful tool for anxiety relief. The form and structure of music introduce a sense of order to an agitated mind.

Music for anxiety doesn’t have to be wind chimes and Gregorian chants. It can be upbeat, complex, brooding, stimulating -- even challenging.

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How I Told My Boss About My Panic Attacks

Hiding my anxiety was not sustainable in the long run. This is the email I sent my bosses telling them about my panic attacks.

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Headspace For Anxiety

Headspace For Anxiety: Life After 731 Consecutive Days Using The Headspace Meditation App

After two years and one day of using the popular meditation app, I wanted to share my experience and advice with those considering Headspace, or meditation in general, as way to address anxiety.

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You Probably Know, But Need To Hear It Again: The Power of Physical Exercise For Anxiety Relief

The power of physical exercise for anxiety relief is one of those things that is well-known, deceptively simple, and woefully neglected by most individuals suffering from chronic anxiety and panic.

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Coffee and Panic Attacks Don’t Mix: How I Kicked My 4-Cup-A-Day Habit

Coffee and Panic Attacks Don’t Mix: How I Kicked My 4-Cup-A-Day Habit

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best TED Talks On Anxiety

The 15 Best TED Talks On Anxiety, Stress, and Fear

15 experts share their stories on overcoming anxiety, stress, and fear.

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Brain Chemicals That Cause Anxiety

Understand and Master The Brain Chemicals That Cause Anxiety

To combat anxiety, it helps to first understand the brain functions that govern our perception of reality. With a greater understanding of why we feel the way we feel, we can take steps to manage and control the factors that cause anxiety.

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14 Mobile Games For Emergency Anxiety Distraction

Mobile games can be a surprisingly effective anxiety distraction technique.

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A Thing Named

Names are powerful objects.

Naming is a way to gain cognitive power over an object even before it is fully understood. Naming can be a path towards control.

A name is the simplest of symbols. A thing named is not to be feared. You cannot conquer the nameless. So, let’s give it a name.

For now, the name is “anxiety,” and it can be conquered.

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