“Sacred Objects”

“Sacred Objects” is a tongue-in-cheek phrase. Sacred Objects are the physical items we lean on to combat anxiety.

Sacred Objects have no special anti-anxiety properties. They are not talismans. They are simply tools consider as additions to your anti-anxiety toolkit.

All the tools, trinkets, toys, and gadgets detailed in the Sacred Objects category of A Thing Named are worth the consideration for those seeking relief from anxiety. Every Sacred Object is not a fit for everyone. Some may off a small bit of relief from anxiety. Others are more essential and more valuable for ongoing anxiety treatment.

Sacred Objects are to be used mindfully. Otherwise, they become a crutch (this is the satiric meaning of the term “Sacred Object”).

The deeper cure to anxiety lies within. It is mindfulness, and in some cases, professional treatment, and medication.

A Thing Named’s goal is to provide individuals affected by anxiety with practical tools, tips, and techniques for relief and happier and healthier living. Sacred Objects are a piece of the puzzle.

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