“Sacred Objects”

Sacred Objects are the physical items, tools, and gadgets we can sometimes lean on to combat anxiety.

“Sacred Objects” is a tongue-in-cheek phrase. Sacred Objects have no special anti-anxiety properties. They are not talismans. They are simply tools consider as additions to your anti-anxiety toolkit.

A Mind of Winter is My Anti-Anxiety Mantra

“For the listener, who listens in the snow… and beholds nothing that is not there, and the nothing that is.”

The coldest winters are full of beauty — not hidden, but glittering on every tree.

Music For Anxiety | 30+ Albums and Playlists For Anxiety Relief

http://winkcalgary.com/portfolio-item/446/ Music is a powerful tool for anxiety relief. The form and structure of music introduce a sense of order to an agitated mind.

Music for anxiety doesn’t have to be wind chimes and Gregorian chants. It can be upbeat, complex, brooding, stimulating — even challenging.